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Jade McLaughlin
Hairdressing Student

I always had a passion for hair, when I was little my mammy always took me to the hairdressers with her and I would always say I'm going to be a hairdresser! My dream came true thanks to Rutledge training and Atelier hair. Rutledge put me through my training course supplied me with all my revision/practical teaching I needed to pass all my exams and observations. Three years on and I've finally graduated as a hair stylist. Rutledge always went above and beyond for me and were always there to help, even if I just needed a chat! Thank you.

Bradley James Fenton
Hairdressing Student

"I’m studying hairdressing at Rutledge Antrim, I’ve always loved the hair and beauty industry so that’s Why I decided I would want to try hairdressing. From when I started Rutledge I feel like I’ve really found myself as a person and doing something I love. Anyone thinking about coming to Rutledge I would highly recommend.

Paris Cooke
Hairdressing Student

"I am studying hairdressing through the Training for Success Programme. While growing up I have always had a passion for doing hair and becoming a hairdresser so I just followed the path I wanted to be on and chose hairdressing. I really enjoy being at Rutledge as it has helped me build my confidence up and I have also built new relationships with different people."

Childcare Student

I've just completed my course in Rutledge Bangor. I enrolled on the TFS programme and began working on my Level 1 Childcare and my essential skills - I really enjoyed my time at Rutledge and made some really good friends. The tutors and support staff were really nice and helped me to progress with my qualifications and in other ways too, for example, I was able to learn life skills and go on placement. I really loved both my placements and I really feel I learnt a lot! 

I’ve achieved so much during my time at Rutledge and now I’m leaving with my essential skills and my Level 2 in childcare. I’m really proud of all that I’ve achieved and I know the staff are really proud of me too. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Rutledge and can’t wait to start my new chapter out in the world of work!

Essential Skills Student

"I have been studying Essential skills while completing my training in childcare level 2 at Rutledge in Antrim. I have enjoyed making new friends at Rutledge where the atmosphere is relaxed so we do not feel under pressure. I really feel confident about progressing in my vocation now whereas I was unsure and nervous before I had a great time at our graduation day when we all got together and celebrated our achievements. I have learnt a lot and will take away some good memories. Throughout my time the tutors and Usel workers are always there to encourage me to the best of my ability because they know I can do it. I can also talk to them about anything."

Lisa Jitoko
IT Student

"I study IT at Rutledge; I chose IT because I love learning new skills and Rutledge makes it easy and fun with all the support they give me. Alongside that, I’m also working on my level 2 mathematics and English. When it came to finding a work placement, it was not difficult at all. With the support of our Student Advisor Shannon, I managed to get a work placement at the Crumlin Leisure Centre. Besides the great education, We have hosted a charity for McMillan and we managed to raise £200! I also got a chance to attend an army work experience for a week and it was one of the greatest times I had with Rutledge; making new friends and gaining new knowledge and skills. So for anyone still trying to figure out where to go after high school - I recommend Rutledge!"

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