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“Steps to Success has helped me overcome my barriers and gain a full time job that I now love! My Employment Adviser at S2S was welcoming, listened to me and helped me to explore new opportunities. I was unemployed for over a year and was unsure of which area I wanted to work in but my EA helped me to organise an 8-week work placement in an area which I hadn’t considered.  My placement provider offered me a full time job and I am loving the job and am now fully independent and so thankful for the support offered at S2S.”


“When I started on Steps to Success I was very shy and had little confidence. Through the programme I began working one to one with my adviser and then in various group activities including the She Shed.  This has helped me to build my confidence and I can now chat to people a lot more easily.  I met a lot of new people through the programme and this has helped develop my self-esteem and I am now applying for jobs and going to interviews when I wouldn’t have wanted to do this before. With the help of the S2S staff I have overcome this barrier and feel so much more confident in myself.”


“Steps to Success has helped me to improve my English, supported me to create a CV and has opened a door for me with a work trial.  I was kept on from my trial but unfortunately that workplace closed, when this job ended S2S were also able to help me update my CV and assist me in applying for further restaurant positions. I am now working full time again and enjoying my job.  Thank you for all the support I received on the programme.“