Rutledge Core Values

       …What makes us Tick?


At Rutledge, we believe that a company stands and falls on the strength of its convictions. That's why when it comes to corporate identity, principles and values we base it on a simple statement of intent; to Maximise People Potential.

Along with business and financial success, we want to be a people-centric organisation and impact positively on the lives of the people we work and connect with.

In April 2016, Rutledge launched a re-development project of the company Core Values; which consisted of a comprehensive consultation; inviting our employees from across our network to help us identify the values that define our company; and what these values mean to them.

Catriona Reid, HR Manager: “The exercise was an opportunity to get to the core of what our people stand for. It gave us insight as a Senior Management Team as to how our people tick; and was the basis for the re-development and growth of our defined principles and values”

We are delighted to present the outcome of these exchanges in our newly developed Core Values; a concise, consistent expression that reflects our history, our vision and our ambitions, the very DNA of our company.

These values define the way we interact with our clients, partners, and with each other. Our values are the glue that binds our employees and clients in the pursuit of a single goal: working together to Maximise People Potential.

Jonathan Doherty, Chief Executive Officer: “The values, in general, give sense to our behaviour and our actions here at Rutledge. They represent the way we understand our business and our people as a whole.

In particular, they allow us to explain the progression and development of our company; and steer our business decisions.  

The success of our company depends on this unity of purpose and principle.


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