Great news for job seekers – at present the demand for staff is at its highest since 1998! This however brings bad news for employers with the increasing struggling to find workers with the right skills, to fill these vacancies.

Rutledge Recruitment and Training have noticed this problem and are currently expanding their recruitment division. With 10 new staff over the last year, including our new operations manager, Mary Quinn who has 17 years recruitment management experience, we are focusing on new and improved ways of providing a high quality recruitment service across Northern Ireland.

This increase in demand has seen many businesses, even those with well established HR departments, turning to agencies for recruitment help.  

One of the main recruitment problems is finding the ‘perfect candidate’; this is someone with the right skills for the job who intends on staying with the company and adds value. Good candidates however, do not stay active jobseekers for very long and many high quality candidates will not read the job pages or visit online job boards. This along with the numerous others issues that accompany HR procedures are why out sourcing your recruitment may be the best way forward!


3 Reasons Why Rutledge Recruitment Will Benefit Your Business


1) Specialists skills

Within many recruitment agencies, including Rutledge, there are a great deal of specialist staff who know individual markets. This means they have knowledge about current salary expectations of the role, vacancies, and qualifications.

2) Cost  effective

The cost of hiring staff may be higher than you think, although agencies have always been thought of as an expensive service it may actually save you money in the long run through due to

  • Time saving methods
  • Save on Job board/ advertising cost
  • Often better quality of candidates
  • Better staff retention

3) Protection

With agency staff there is a protection against a number of things. If the worker leaves before 12 weeks there is usually a rebate in which you receive some of the money back and often a replacement can be offered free of charge. Also it means you can benefit from the extensive legal knowledge of agencies and therefore there are no worries of a law suit.